Ways to give back

Volunteering, a way to give back


With us almost into February you might be looking over your resolutions and noticing that you have written down that you want to give back and volunteer your time but are not sure where to begin. February is also a time to spread love for Valentines Day and what better way to spread love than by walking precious dogs at your local shelter?


A great volunteer opportunity is to become a dog walker at BARCS- Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter which is located in Baltimore city. The volunteer hours are nice because you can start volunteering as early as 8:30 AM. The 10-15 minutes that you are walking that dog might be the only highlight of the day- getting out into the fresh air, smelling the new scents, and getting some belly rubs too! If you are not interested in dog walking, they have countless other ways to volunteer, such as being a transporter, greeter, matchmaker, doing laundry, or working at events.


If you are interested in volunteering with your pet included, you should look into Pets On Wheels. Once your pet is approved in the program you can start making visits to assigned  places like assisted living, schools, libraries etc. each month.


Another local place to volunteer is the Harford Humane Society. They have similar volunteer opportunities like BARCS where you can walk dogs. You can also socialize the cats where you visit with at the shelter to make them feel more comfortable. You could also be a matchmaker where you help possible adopters successfully match with a animal in need of a home.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for you to volunteer you can always download the “Walk the Dog” app and for miles walked they will donate to the shelter of your choice. You can do two awesome things at once- walk your pup while giving back!

Volunteering not only helps out the animals but it also makes you feel great too! Have fun with it!

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