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Dog walking troubles

Dog walking troubles

Is your pup a little rambunctious on walks? Walks with our pets are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing. However, that is not always the case. Here are 4 common dog walking problems and how to correct the issues.


  • Pulling on leash- no one likes being pulled all around the neighborhood. Practice positive leash training to improve the behavior. When your dog starts pulling, pause and wait until your dog looks back at you and releases tension on the leash. Once he does, proceed to continue walking. Do this each time he starts to pull.
  • Being wild when you pull out the leash- our dog Dee did this. Once she saw us open the drawer, she would come barreling into the kitchen like a wild woman. Then she proceeded to jump and bounce while you try to put the harness on. To correct this-do not put the leash on when they are acting this way. Instead praise them when they show calm behavior. Once they are sitting and are calm you can put the harness on.
  • Not listening to you when outside- does your dog have good listening skills in the house but then completely ignore you when you are outside walking? One of the reasons for this is because of all the stimulation outside- new smells, sights, etc. To improve your pups listening skills practice in a controlled environment such as in your home. You can start out by playing “find it.” Throw a treat and once your pup starts eating it say his name and when he looks back say “yes” and toss another treat. Continue to practice until he excels at looking back when called. Once he does this well in the home you can practice on walks with treats.
  • Reacting to other dogs- this can be stressful when you are out walking. Your dog should always be listening to you when you say commands. Know what their threshold is. When do they become reactive? Is it 50 ft? 20ft? If you know the distance you can avoid the reaction. If your dog is not listening, barking, lunging, and is difficult to handle it is best to get a trainer.

The key is to practice, practice, practice good behavior. Our dogs are so smart but it takes positive reinforcement to learn the good behavior. We hope your walks are enjoyable together!

Raise Money While Walking a Dog

Walk a Dog and Raise Money

Have you heard of the app called Walk the Dog? I know I have mentioned this fantastic app a while ago, but it’s so awesome I wanted to share it again! We all know that walking our pups is a great bonding time and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. As a triple bonus, we can also log some extra steps on our Fitbit!

As always there are countless benefits from walking with your pups!

  • Walking helps to keep you and your dog more healthy
  • Regular exercise controls their weight
  • Destructive behavior could be eliminated- regular walks and exercise can reduce behavior from your dog that is destructive such as chewing and digging.
  • A walk can also help your pup get rid of some of that extra energy they might have
  • Increases the bond between you and your dog and he or she will gain more trust with you


Want to know how to get started with WalkForADog?

  • First, download the Walk for a Dog app (a free download)
  • Before you go on your walk, open the app to get all the steps counted for
  • For each mile walked, money will be donated to the rescue you chose
  • To setup which shelter or rescue you would like to walk for you can go to the set up page and under each state the participating organizations will be listed
  • Your route, mileage, and speed are tracked
  • You do not have to have a dog of your own to use this app

This is such a great way to give back to the shelter or rescue of your choice! If you do not have a four-legged companion of your own you should consider volunteering at your local shelter and walk some of the adoptable pups looking for their forever home!

To learn more information to go www.wooftrax.com