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Rainy Day Indoor Fun

Rain, Rain, go away all the Dogs want to play

Indoor Fun

Since we are now in the month of April already… how is that possible? We are likely to have some rainy days such as today…April showers bring May flowers! We all know the saying “a tired dog is a happy dog” and with these indoor ideas you will have one happy dog! Here is a list of indoor game ideas to help get rid of some extra energy from your pets:

  1. Kong– I have talked about this before, but I can’t say enough about the trusty KONG. Fill this up and it will keep your pups occupied and stimulated to get all of the treats out of it.
  2. Games- I love playing “find it” with some training treats. To play this, your pup needs to be taught some commands beforehand. To play- tell your pup to “stay” , hide the treat, and then tell him “find it.” This game gets them engaged and excited! Our dogs love this game!
  3. Teach your dog a new trick- Rain days are the perfect day to teach them and then they will be ready to show off their new tricks on the sunny days with their friends!
  4. Tug of War- another old faithful of ours- learn the correct and safe way to play with your pup.
  5. Fetch- If you have a long hallway you can play just like you would outside.
  6. Stair Master- If the stairs in your home are safe do some laps with your pup up and down the steps.
  7. Play Date- if your pup is well socialized and does well with humans and other dogs, why not have an indoor play date? You will have two tired pups at the end of the date!

Embrace those rainy days, spending time with your pets is always a good time!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift Buying Guide for the Holidays

Tis the season! If you are like us, we are trying to finish up our holiday shopping and are trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved one! Here’s a list of some ideas:

For the Pooches: 

A chew bone-By nature, dogs like to chew. We like giving the antlers to Dee and Koop- they last forever and do not splinter which is safer. Another good chew is a bully stick.

A new harness – We personally love the Freedom Harness. It makes taking the pups for a walk a true pleasure. It’s especially a great harness for dogs that pull.

A BarkBox- Don’t know what kind of treats or toys to get your pooch? Leave that to the BarkBox team. Each month is different. Our dogs get excited when they see a package come in the mail because they assume it’s a BarkBox with new treats for them to try!

Dispensing food toy-The Kong and Kong Wobbler is one of our favorites!  These toys are a great outlet for your dog and after some productive food hunting, your dog may just take a nap afterwards.

For the Cats: 

Mouse toy– Perfect size for the kitties to carry and bat at

Cat Tree– Perfect unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising

For the Owners: 

Coffee Table Book – Have you heard of Wine Dogs? What is better than dogs and wine? Not much right? Well this coffee table book is adorable and the perfect gift for that dog lover friend! Another great one is Dogist

Subscription to Dogster, The Bark, or Modern Dog- great reading material for the pet lovers!

Pop Your Pup Shirt– Your dog loving friends will love this! A picture of your pup on your shirt? Yes, please! : )

Happy Holidays to your and your four-legged pals!!

A few of my pet-related favorites

Here are a few of my favorites when it comes to pets!

Koop and Dee approved!

Koop and Dee approved!

Vet: Perry Hall Animal Hospital– I absolutely love this vet! Since your pet is part of your family, you want to make sure you find someone caring and warm to care for them. When we were fostering Dee we met Dr. Tara. She has been nothing but amazing! They truly care for the animals and with our girl, Deeders, we are there all the time! 5 stars for this Vet!

Dog Food DispenserKONG Wobbler– If you have a fast eater, this is perfect. It entertains your pup and makes them work for their food rather than gobbling the food all at once.

Online Pet StoreChewy– Their customer service is spot on! We also love their auto ship for the pup’s dog food. We don’t have to even think about it anymore!  The food gets delivered to our front door when the pups are down to about three days’ worth of food.

Local Animal ShelterBaltimore Humane Society– This place has a special place in my heart!  As many of you know we adopted our munchkins, Koop and Dee from here. All of the workers truly care about the pets here. They are remarkable people that work tirelessly for the animals in need of their forever home.

Chew toyNylabone– this is actually a bone that holds up for Kooper; who loves to chew. This also helps promote better oral health and keeps them busy! We get the big one and it lasts for months. He loves chewing it towards the end of the night when he is winding down.

Are there any businesses that you love for your pets that didn’t make this list?  Please email me at courtney@waggitytails.com and I may just feature your favorite business on a future blog!