Lockboxes are here!

Lockboxes as a option!


I’m excited to announce that we are now offering a lockbox option to our Waggity Tails clients! You can buy one from us for $20 or you can provide your own. You do not need to put the lockbox on your front door, you can put it on your back door, on the fence, or hide it in another location that is secure on your property. We prefer to use lockboxes for many reasons:
– This will ensure your key will not get lost. Keys will no longer have to be transported when your primary sitter is not available.

– Our pet sitters will have immediate access to your pets in case of an emergency

– Keys can be misplaced or accidentally forgotten

Ultimately, having a lock box on your property will bring you peace of mind! All you need to do is let us know where the lockbox will be located and the code for it. If you want to purchase a lock box from us, please contact our office at 443-854-9424.

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