6 ways to start the year off right!

Happy New Year everyone!


Happy New Year!

I love this time to reflect on this past year and to prepare for the upcoming one! I, like so many people, want a fresh start to take the lessons I learned from the previous year to make the next one even better. Some of the most popular resolutions are to be a healthier version of yourself- Become more active, lose weight, etc. Many people cringe thinking about resolutions because many times they fall through. But how awesome would it be to accomplish these goals with your four legged best friend? Here are a few things to try during this New Year:

  1. Check out the Walk the Dog App. For every mile walking a donation is made to the animal shelter that participates in the program. It’s a win-win!
  2. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and get some extra steps walking the pups waiting for their forever home. That special time is sometimes the highlight of their days!
  3. As you try to eat healthier, take a look at what your pets are eating too. Their diet is just as important as yours.
  4. Declutter the pet cabinet and toy bin. I know our cabinet for Koop and Dee were getting out of hand so we went through and see what we do not use anymore. We did the same for the toy bin. We pulled out the toys that the pups don’t play with anymore and looked to see if they were in good condition and could be donated to the local animal’s shelter. I have to say I felt a little lighter after decluttering! : )
  5. Instead of going out, save money and go to a dog park with your pet. Even better, start your own play group with your friends and their pups! This will be a great time that won’t cost any money!
  6. If your pet is great with pets and people, look into getting them certified as a therapy pet. You and your pet could visit local libraries, nursing homes, and hospitals. The opportunities are endless and it such an awesome way to give back to your community.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016 filled with fun memories with your four-legged pals!


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