5 Trends in the Pet Sitting Industry

5 Trends in the Pet sitting Industry

We all love our pets to no end and want them to have the best. It’s no surprise that pet parents spent 72 billion in 2018 for our furry family members. We now buy the best of the best gourmet treats, feed them organic high quality food, spa treatments, etc. Here are some of the trends that are leading this year in the pet industry:

  • Fitness trackers– we live in a time where we aren’t just concerned about our overall health and the number on the scale but also our pets. These trackers monitor our pets overall activity.

  • The Fear Free movement- this is one of my personal favorite trends since we have a fearful pup. You will see this at vet clinics and behavioral trainers mostly. They will implement this with positive reinforcement, possible cat only waiting rooms, side entry so you don’t have to see new people or other pets. This technique minimizes increasing stress levels. Going to the vet can be a scary moment for our pets.

  • Pet Food Delivery-  As pet parents we want the absolute best for them and one way to provide the best is fresh quality food. There are food delivery companies that deliver top notch quality right to your door.

  • Services- Mobile grooming, mobile vet, and pet sitting services. Its all about convenience. Having services come directly to your home without having to take your pet out is such a nice perk to save time.

  • Smart Gadgets- DogTV, automatic treat dispensers, and pet cameras to check in on your pet from your smart phone. We all hate leaving our pets for extended periods of time and these gadgets can ease our minds a little.

These five trends will definitely improve our pets well being. We would love to hear if you are a fan of any of these trends!

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